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Colon Hydrotherapy

What does a Colonic involve?

Colon hydrotherapy is a simple, safe and convenient treatment, taking up to 45 minutes. Modern, professional equipment means that there is no mess or smell, and your therapist will work discreetly, protecting your safety and dignity at all times.  At Colonics Tampa, a strict Treatment protocol is followed to assure maximum safety, comfort and effectiveness.

What will happen at your appointment?

Your first appointment will usually last about an hour and half and will include a consultation, medical questionnaire and a full explanation of the equipment and procedure.

Our therapists have a friendly, open-minded, listening approach that helps us consider some of the possible causes of your digestive problems, and suggest some positive changes you need to bring your lifestyle back into a natural balance with your body.

The therapy itself takes around 45 minutes, during which modern, hygienic equipment gently cleanses your colon using warm filtered water, in a simple, dignified procedure.

How does colon hydrotherapy work?

Warm filtered water is introduced into your colon through a small tube called a speculum that is gently inserted about an inch and a half into your rectum. As the warm water enters, you’ll feel a fullness as your colon fills up, then a relaxing feeling as it empties. The water pressure and temperature are carefully controlled and all waste is drained away discreetly in a closed system with absolutely no mess or odours.

This filling and emptying is repeated several times and massage is applied to your abdomen. Unlike an enema, colonic hydrotherapy reaches the whole length of your large intestine, with the massage from your therapist helping to ensure you benefit from an effective cleanse.

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